Wiring Harness Fender Broadcaster Telecaster

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Wiring Harness for 1950-1951 Fender Broadcaster "Tele"!


Building a classic BROADCASTER Tele, or want to convert your Tele to the original 1950-1951 Broadcaster wiring? Here you go! This will drop right in, and fit on your standard Telecaster control plate. All you need to do is hook up your pickups and guitar bridge ground wire!

Includes the following:

1) CRL 3 way switch
1) CTS 250K Volume pot solid shaft
1) CTS 250K Blender pot split shaft with adapter sleeve
1) Orange Drop .047 Capacitor 100 volt
1) Switchcraft #11 input jack
1) Gavitt vintage cloth wire bundle, white and black

3 way switch positions:
1) Bridge pickup with blend option engaged to allow the neck pickup to be added with no tone control.
2) Neck pickup alone with the blend option disabled and no tone control.
3) Neck pickup alone with .047 μF tone cap engaged (fixed) and blend option disabled.

NOTE: This circuit doesn’t offer a standard tone control, so it’s not a good choice for players who like to coax Roy Buchanan-inspired wah tones from their Esquires or Teles. But if you don’t use your tone control a lot, or simply use it to take off a little top end when you’re in the bridge position, this blend circuit may be all you need.

This wiring really starts to shine with the bridge pickup and blend option engaged. In this position, you can mix in as much or as little of the neck pickup as you like, using the tone knob as a blend control. There are some really nice blend tones in there you can’t dial in with a standard wiring scheme, which is one reason why nailing old Broadcaster tones with a standard Telecaster can be so frustrating.

With the neck pickup alone and the .047 μF tone cap engaged, the tone is very dark and bassy—a preset “organ tone” Leo thought would encourage guitarists to play bass lines. Some contemporary jazz players like this dark tone, but if you want a clearer and more transparent sound, try a smaller value—0.022 μF, for example. You can also use a different type of cap and experiment with other values for the pots.

Note: Most guitars manufactured overseas in South Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use 6mm metric pots and have metric sized holes drilled. You will need to enlarge the pot holes to 3/8" to fit these CTS pots properly.