Starr Guitar Systems, FAQ



1. Can you make me a custom Wiring Harness?

YES!! We can create a custom harness to your specifications! Call us to discuss your requirements. Most custom builds can be completed within 2-4 days! To order a custom Wiring Harness, please call (936) 444-2871.

2. I received my Harness, but there is no wiring diagram inside the box. What should I do?

We promptly email the wiring diagrams to you using the email you provide during check out. It may be in your spam box. If you can't find it, just let us know and we will email to you again, no problem!

3. What kind of shipping methods do you use? How much does shipping cost?

All our shipping within the USA is free! We ship all items via USPS First class mail, with tracking number.  Our 1960 Harnesses, ship via USPS Priority, with tracking. You will be emailed a tracking number as soon as your item ships.

4. Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, but we only ship outside of the US from our ebay store. You will find the same products, for the same price, but by using our ebay portal, we can track your packages with better control.

5. How long does it take before my order is shipped?

Most orders ship within 1-2 days! Custom orders please expect 2-4 days before your item is shipped.

6. Do you accept returns?

YES! We do accept returns. If you have any problems with your item, we will replace it. We have a 30 day return policy for all of our regular production items. Items must be in NEW CONDITION with original packaging, unmodified in any way! Buyer pays for return shipping. Custom order wiring harnesses are subject to a 20% return fee. Please see our shipping and returns page for the details.

7. I'm a Left Handed player, do you build harnesses for left handed guitar and bass?

Absolutely! We have an extensive inventory for Left Handed players! Most of our PRO models come in a Left Handed version. If you don't see what you want, ASK! We would be happy to create a harness for you.

8. What is the difference between "Standard" "Pro" "Premium" versions of your wiring harnesses? 

In most cases, it is the quality of the capacitors used to build the model. We do not build anything that uses cheap, or inferior components, even at the standard level, you are getting top quality craftmaship, and best in the industry brand products like CTS, Vitamin Q, Switchcraft, and Gavitt.

9. What exactly does a capacitor do? 

Capacitors are energy-storage devices that filter the high frequencies. A cap lets the tone control roll off the treble response, progressively warming the tone. The higher the value, the more bass output from the tone control at its "zero" setting.

10. Is there any real tone difference between Orange Drop capacitors and the more expensive PIO (paper in oil) capacitors? 

Most people think the PIO and IMO capacitors have a bit more natural sound to them. They do cost more money, because of the manufacturing process, and often they are made by hand. We think they sound better as well!

11. Do you build wiring harnesses for active (EMG) pickups?
Yes! We are expanding the active harness line. Currently stock P-Bass, J-Bass, and Les Paul models, and will be adding more in the future.
12. There are many other companies that build wiring harnesses, why should I buy from Starr Guitar Systems?
Larger companies producing wiring harnesses typically have a longer order processing time, and many don't offer custom builds or cater to left handed players. They also can't compete with our level of customer service. When you call us with a question or problem, there is no pressing through a lengthy menu to speak to us. Smaller companies don't have our experience, or inventory selection. We are not just techs sitting behind a bench, we are professional musicians, and we build each harness like we are using it ourselves. Sloppy soldering, and messy wiring can lead to more frustration on install! We pride ourselves on the neatest, cleanest, hand built Wiring Harness you can buy!