About Us

We sell premium electronic upgrades for electric guitar and bass. Official dealer for EMG, Seymour Duncan, ALLPARTS, MOJO TONE and Emerson Custom.

Starr Guitar Systems is owned and operated by Dave Starr, who has been playing guitar and bass professionally for over 30 years. (WildeStarr, Vicious Rumors, and CHASTAIN) Having recorded over 15 albums, toured the world multiple times, 2 MTV videos, and several artist endorsements (currently signed with ERNIE BALL strings and EMG pickups), etc. as well as doing guitar repair for 35 years. Be assured that you are buying gear from a PRO MUSICIAN who has been there and done that.

Putting in all his years of experience as a pro Dave has come up with his own line of guitar & bass electronic upgrade systems. When you buy from Starr Guitar Systems, you are not just buying gear from a guitar technician... Every SGS unit comes with all of Dave's experience behind it... what works and what doesn't, because Dave has pretty much seen and done it all. Every SGS unit is custom built by hand and personally overseen by Dave in our Conroe Texas work shop.

We pride ourselves on quality and customer service! Please contact us with any questions you may have! We do custom orders too! (936) 444-2871