Wiring Harness for Fender Strat - 7 way sound

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STARR GUITAR SYSTEMS  Fender Stratocaster "7 Way Sound" with single CTS 250K volume, CTS 250K tone, Bourns 250K Push/Pull tone, Sprague orange drop .022 capacitor, Switchcraft input jack, and CRL 5 way switch.

The push/pull works to enable an additional 2 sounds in addition to the standard 5 strat sounds. In position 1 with the P/P up, you get bridge and neck together. In position 2 with the P/P up, you get all 3 pickups together. Tone wiring has also been modified so you now get tone control functions in all 7 positions! All units have their own serial number, and are signed by Dave Starr.  

Included in each SGS Fender Stratocaster system "7 Way Sound" set:
2) USA made CTS 250K audio taper vintage style short shaft pots for volume & middle tone.  Includes nut, lock, and dress washer. 
1)  Bourns 250K Push/Pull tone pot
1) "Orange Drop" .022 mfd 100 volt Capacitor
1) CRL 5 way switch 
1) Treble bleed mod: 
.001 uF capacitor & 100K 1/4 watt resistor wired in parallel.

1) Switchcraft 1/4 inch mono #11 input jack with heat shrink strain relief on both terminals.
12) Vintage style push back BLACK (ground) & WHITE (hot) cloth covered wires, 22 gauge.
1) Wiring diagram (see photo section)
1) Assembly template board

Note: Most guitars manufactured overseas in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use 6mm metric pots and have metric sized holes drilled. You will need to enlarge the pot holes to 3/8" to fit these CTS pots properly.