Wiring Harness for Fender J-Bass: Vintage 250K

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STARR GUITAR SYSTEMS Fender Jazz Bass Harness- Vintage 250K Pots

Premium replacement electronics for your Fender J-Bass!

Included in each JBMD Jazz Bass  set:
3) CTS 250K Vintage Style Audio Pots, (solid or split shaft) with Nut, Lock and Dress Washer. 
1) Mojo Dijon .047 mfd 630 volt Capacitor
4) Vintage style push back black (ground) and white (hot) cloth covered wires, 22 gauge, with a waxed braided cotton outer insulation.
1) Switchcraft #11 input jack with heat shrink strain relief on both terminals
1) Wiring diagram (see photo section)
1) Assembly template board

Note: This set is available with either solid shaft or split shaft pots, the price is the same.

Each set is assembled, hand wired and soldered in the USA using premium parts. Upgrade your import bass electronics, or replace your old worn out parts with these premium replacement units! Simply attach your pickup wires, and you are ready to rock! All sets are signed by Dave Starr and have their own serial number.

Note: Most guitars manufactured overseas in South Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use 6mm metric pots and have metric sized holes drilled. You will need to enlarge the pot holes to 3/8" to fit these CTS pots properly.