Rotary Varitone style 6 position tone control for Bass

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Rotary Varitone style 6 position tone control for bass

This Bass tone control is a 6 Position, 2 Pole Rotary Switch, "Make Before Break" for quieter operation. This provides you with 6 different tonal variations. The higher the capacitor value, the darker the tone becomes.

Easy to install, only 2 wires!

Turning clockwise:
Position 1:  Bypass - no tone control (very bright)
Position 2: .010 capacitor
Position 3:  .022 capacitor
Position 4:  .033 capacitor
Position 5:  .047 capacitor
Position 5:  .068 capacitor

Note: solid shaft, with 3/8 inch threaded portion

Included in each Starr Guitar Systems BV:
1) Rotary Switch, 6-Position, 2-Pole, Solid Shaft
5) capacitors: .010, .022, .033, .047, .068 (cap colors may vary from time to time)

2) Gavitt  22 gauge vintage cloth guitar wire, White & Black

1) Solder lug washer
1) Wiring diagram (see photo section for P-Bass example)

Each BV is assembled, hand wired, and soldered in the USA using premium parts. Free Shipping in the USA!