500K Balance Blend Pot

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  • CTS 250K/500K Concentric Pot EP 4585 with matching CHROME KNOBS.

    • EP-4585-000 CTS 250K/500K Concentric Pot:
      CTS stacked concentric audio pots, intended for pickguard mounting. Pot is 1 and 15/16 inches total height. Distance from bottom of pot to the bottom of the threaded portion is 7/8 inch.
      Bottom knob controls - 500K, diameter 3/16 inch, 4.77 mm
      Top knob controls - 250K, diameter .265 inch, 6.75 mm.

      MK-0137-010 Chrome/Black Concentric Knob:
      Concentric Stacked Knob Set, with Set Screws, Chrome/Black.
      Top Knob - Inside diameter .192", 3/4" diameter, 1/2" tall.
      Bottom Knob - Inside diameter .272", 1" diameter, 3/8" tall.