Wiring Harness for Gibson Les Paul - PRO LEFTY

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LEFT HANDED Wiring Harness for LH Gibson Les Paul! NEW!!
WD 500K Long Shaft Left Handed Pots, Mallory .022 Caps, Switchcraft 3-Way & Jack!

The sad truth is.... that many left handed guitars & basses, even
expensive ones use right handed pots! Why? Because most companies are to
 cheap to install the proper left handed pots that only cost a few
dollars more. They also don't want to be bothered with the cost of
reverse wiring for such a small percentage of the market. So what you
might have is a great playing lefty with right handed electronics on
board. The taper and control on the pots will be all wrong! Here is the solution....STARR GUITAR SYSTEMS replacement Harness for LEFTY Gibson Les Paul! Each set is assembled, hand wired and soldered in the USA by Dave Starr using premium parts. We use actual WD left handed pots for the proper taper and control! Upgrade your import guitar electronics, or replace your old worn out parts with these premium replacement units! All sets are signed by Dave Starr and have their own
serial number. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

Included in each LPLH Harness:

4) Left handed WD 500K Long Shaft reverse audio pots. Split knurled
shaft. Includes nut, lock, and washer. Threaded bushing height 3/4 inch.
 Knurled top 5/16 inch tall.
2) Mallory .022 capacitors
1) Switchcraft 3 way pickup selector
1) Switchcraft input jack
3) 18-Ga Solid Tinned Copper Ground Wires
1) Wiring diagram (sent via email)
1) Assembly template board
Note: I can also build this harness with 500K Left handed short shaft (3/8 inch) pots if you need them. Please check with me!

Note: Most guitars manufactured overseas in South Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use 6mm metric pots and have metric sized holes drilled. You will need to enlarge the pot holes to 3/8" to fit these WD pots properly.